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Netflix reveals plans to bring binge-watching to your flight

Frequent travellers rejoiced last year when Netflix began allowing users to download content to their devices – making long flights a lot more interesting. But the company plans to make it easier for airlines to offer Wi-Fi-based streaming next year, meaning you won’t be stuck if you forget to stock up on shows.

Could you be watching Season 2 of Stranger Things at 35,000 feet? Image by Netflix

Virgin America began offering Netflix on board back in 2015, with other airlines like Qantas, Virgin Australia and more following behind. At the recent Airlines Passenger Experience (APEX) Expo, the company announced that it is launching Netflix Inflight 2.0. Netflix is working to make the service consume less bandwidth, so airlines could allow passengers to stream on their devices without it coming at an astronomical cost.

oung woman on airplane choosing music on smartphone.
Stream shows in the skies as Netflix pushing for more airlines to offer its services. Image by Ben Pipe Photography/Getty Images

Spencer Wang, the vice-president of Finance and Investor Relations at Netflix, Inc., said at APEX that by partnering with airlines, they will be able to “support and promote certain in-flight services as a core part of your offering rather than sticking it on some kind of premium tier,” according to the APEX website. Naturally, giving incentive to airlines to partner with Netflix has the potential to make the popular service a lot more money. But as more and more passengers turn away from traditional seat-back in-flight entertainment to using their own devices, most passengers would probably be keen to easily continue their latest Netflix binge.