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A Chinese village is inviting drone enthusiasts to capture their colourful tradition

A Chinese village where colourful chillies and chrysanthemums are sun-dried over roofs is inviting drone enthusiasts to come and film the tradition from above.

Ancient village in Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province, China. Image by Fei Yang/Getty Images

Huangling is a remote countryside village in Wùyuán and between September and November, visitors to the village can get a view of “shaiqiu”, a tradition where brightly-coloured produce is sun-dried on the roofs of the black and white Hui-style homes. Now, the village has teamed up with drone company DJI to launch an aerial photography base in the village, so video and photography enthusiasts can have access to the airspace to capture the beautiful scenery.

UAV enthusiasts now have full access to the airspace around Huangling village. Image by PRNewsfoto/Wuyuan Rural Culture Development

“We are thrilled to work with DJI to give visitors an exciting new way to view and appreciate the beauty of Huangling,” said Wu Xiangyang, CEO of Wùyuán Rural Culture Development Co., Ltd in a statement. “The view from the sky will be a stunning angle for visitors to experience the village where quaint, colour-topped Hui-style houses are dotted across the mountainous landscape.”

The region has been pushing for a tourism boom, promoting the picturesque countryside as a key reason to visit. The new drone spot is hoping to encourage more visitors to come and admire the colourful harvest.