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See the creepiest destinations for Halloween travel in these videos

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to start planning a trip to some of the world’s spookiest places – and inspiration isn’t far away in these creepy videos from Great Big Story.

From a mummy museum in Mexico to Japan’s ghost island – the media company has revealed mysterious locations around the world. Dedicated to cinematic storytelling, Great Big Story produces and distributes short-form micro-documentaries for digital, social, TV and theatrical release, and has teamed up with Lonely Planet to show off some of most frightening destinations in the run-up to Halloween.

One such place is the island of the dolls located south of Mexico City, in the canals of Xochimilco. Covered in mutilated dolls, Rogelio Sanchez Santana takes care of the island and its creepy inhabitants. The dolls were his great uncle’s, who said they protected him from a spirit of a young tourist who died on the island.

For fans of haunted houses, take a tour of the Winchester Mystery House, a large Victorian mansion in California built by Winchester Repeating Arms heiress Sarah Winchester. With staircases that lead to the ceiling and doors that open to nowhere, guests and employees have had unexplainable experiences within the sprawling mansion’s labyrinthine walls.

“Whenever we have an opportunity to take viewers to a destination they haven’t seen or heard of, it piques the interests and curiosities of our producers,” said Courtney Coupe, VP Content, Great Big Story. “Exploration and storytelling go hand in hand, so if we can transport the viewer’s mind through moving pictures, we know we’ve done our job.” To explore more mysterious places around the world, watch the full video series.

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