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Canada's great outdoors has a new kind of wildlife – this Instagram-famous cat

A Bengal cat named Suki is proving to be a massive hit on Instagram. Her account has now reached over 200k followers, with photos  depicting her at various pretty landmarks in her native Canada. Suki’s owners, Marti and Ken, are delighted with the response to their feline friend’s adventures.

Suki the Bengal cat
All whiskers – Suki the Cat Facebook.

“Starting her page came really easily to me”, Marti tells Lonely Planet News, “since I’m a travel/landscape photographer. So whenever I go out to shoot landscapes, I just take the photos with Suki in them as well! Ken and I do a lot of hiking and camping together, and after our last kitty passed away, we decided to get a new one. This time around we really wanted to have a pet that we didn’t always have to leave behind when we went on our trips. I had read up quite a bit on Bengal cats, and how they’re very high in energy. We knew it could be a handful, but we had to be sure that our new kitty could keep up with our adventures!”

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“We started taking Suki outside one month after we took her home”, Marti continues. “She adapted so quickly. Our adventures mostly include short hikes, canoe rides, and lots of camping. We’re planning on taking her overseas to Europe in the spring, if we can afford the trip by that time!”

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According to the pair, Suki is proving to be a huge fan of the great outdoors. “She loves walking on narrow trails and boardwalks, but unfortunately we always have to go really early before other people hit the hiking trails. Suki loves people, and she always has to say hello when she comes across someone on the trail. That means I end up carrying her on the pack, so that we can keep moving. It’s something we’re still training her with, but she’s still a kitten… we have hope!”

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What does Marti make of the glowing reaction to Suki’s Instagram account? “I think people enjoy seeing a kitty break the stereotypes that are usually associated with cats. Suki is leash-trained, enjoys car rides, goes camping, hiking and canoeing, loves water, and does just about everything a dog can do. Taking her on our adventures is so much fun, and she’s really easy to travel with. I think it’s amazing to see how many people want to take their cats on trips with them despite the funny looks. Kitties are capable of a lot more than they have been given credit for!”