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Get your pet's face on a swimsuit and never leave them behind

If you want to take your pet along on your next beach holiday, but just can’t manage it, now you can pack them in your suitcase – or at least their adorable face – on a custom-printed swimsuit or beach towel.

A Kickstarter for a new Australian company, Petflair, is offering custom swimsuits, towers and bags with a picture of your pet printed on them so you never have to leave Fido or Fluffy behind. The idea is unsurprisingly a hit, as the Kickstarter was aiming to raise $A15,000, but smashed that goal, raising nearly $70,000.

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Those who want to purchase an item can take a photo of their pet on their smartphone, upload the image and then put it on a range of backgrounds or designs to make a unique suit featuring their beloved pet. According to the Kickstarter, the company was created to support Pound Paws, a charity dedicated to reducing the number of pets killed in animal shelters.

The team behind the project is Britt, the founder of Pound Paws, Tyler, an Olympic water polo player for Australia who runs a custom swimwear business, and Charlie, a dog-loving computer programmer and designer – who are able to combine all their skills for the important work of putting cute animals on swimsuits. Read up on their Kickstarter campaign here.

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If you love travel and the idea of printing faces on things but don’t have a pet, why not print your face onto a suitcase and never struggle to find your luggage again.