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From selling tech to snapping temples, how this Arizona man is living his dream

Meet the successful travel photographer who only picked up his first camera after he quit his nine-to-five job to explore the world.  Incredible images show Cody Duncan (25), from Peoria, Arizona, USA, at a variety of exotic locations including Pura Lempuyang in Bali – known as the gateway to heaven, Batad Rice Terraces in the Philippines and a Laos boardwalk.

A man gazes up at a waterfall in Lombok, Indonesia
Waterfall at Lombok, Indonesia. Image by Cody Duncan/mediadrumworld.com

He worked as a salesperson for a major tech company for a year after he graduated from college before his inherent itch to travel had to be scratched. The freelance photographer is currently in Japan but has travelled throughout Asia and spent a lot of time in Bali. “I have always had the adventure spirit, dad is an avid outdoors person and I was raised going camping or going on a road trip to some remote location every weekend,” he said.

“When I was eight years old my mum took me on my first trip to her native country of Honduras in Central America. Most of her side of the family still lives over there and she wanted me to experience how people live outside of the US. After that trip though I no longer took little things for granted like a hot shower or clean drinking water from the tap. It also opened my eyes to the many wonders that existed beyond the borders of the US, I was hooked.”

Cody climbed down 60ft into a cave to get this shot
Cave in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Image by Cody Duncan/mediadrumworld.com

“In college, I enrolled in a study abroad program called semester at sea where I studied on a ship while visiting 12 countries on three different continents. That trip again changed my life because it once again exposed me to countless curiosities in exotic locations. I appreciated the job after college but I have always been someone needs to be outdoors and on the move so after a year of working hard and saving every penny I quit and bought a one-way ticket to Asia. Before going I picked up my first camera thinking this will probably come in handy, I want to show people where I go.”

“I started to really get into photography along the way and develop a certain style of editing photos that I thought people would like and now I am here. Truly grateful of where my journey has led me and I hope that it can continue on.”

Looking across at Mt Bromo in Indonesia
Mt Bromo volcano. Image by Cody Duncan / mediadrumworld.com

Cody’s stay in Japan is due to last another few weeks before he heads back to Bali and then home to America for the holidays. Cody explained why he loves this lifestyle so much and encouraged others to follow their travelling dreams. “The single thing that I love and crave is the freedom,” he said.”I encourage everyone to travel, to go out and experience the world, go see those amazing places you see in the photos because the photos don’t do them justice. My mission in life is simple: experience all the beauty this life has to offer and share it with others.”

Ancient monuments in Pura Lempuyang
Pura Lempuyang in Bali. Image by Cody Duncan / mediadrumworld.com

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