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Reykjavik’s stunning new affordable hostel offers yoga and Northern Lights bike tours

It’s no secret that the last few years have seen Iceland’s popularity growing exponentially, solidifying the country as a booming tourist destination. And while it has so much to offer; rich cultural experiences, striking, unspoiled landscapes, the awe-inspiring Northern Lights, active volcanoes and glittering glaciers, one thing that the country is not famous for is its affordability. Which makes ODDSSON such a welcome addition to the city of Reykavik, as the beautiful, minimalist-style hostel also offers good value for money.

ODDSSON hostel features a beautiful, minimalist-style interior.
ODDSSON hostel features a beautiful, minimalist-style interior. Image by ODDSSON

Located at Hringbraut 121 on the west bank of the capital city, the hostel is set inside JL Húsið (JL House), an historic warehouse building dating back to the 1940’s. It can accommodate up to 250 guests, with rooms offering views of the Faxaflói bay area. A range of sleeping options has been created that cater to different budgets, with bunk rooms that can sleep six, eight, ten or twelve guests starting from 4500 Icelandic Króna (€35). Pricier options include the hotel room package, with some of the rooms coming with vinyl record players, fully-stocked mini bars, power showers and large linen lined beds, while hostel-style twin, double and family sized rooms start from 14,990 Icelandic Króna (€118). “Some are tiny. Some have low ceilings and some are oddly shaped. They are all homey and have crisp, white sheets on the bed,” ODDSSON said of the hostel rooms.

The hostel includes an Italian restaurant that includes a cafe, bar and bistro.
The hostel includes an Italian restaurant that includes a cafe, bar and bistro. Image by ODDSSON

This description ties in with the brand’s quirky approach to offering unique accommodation. Their mission statement admits, “We’ve never been particularly good at being told how things should be done. We like to set our own trends and follow our own formulas.” The hostel’s minimalist interior design is somewhere between modern and retro, featuring pastel pink walls, turquoise doors, and mismatched furniture.

The hostel offers rooms starting from €35. Image by ODDSSON

ODDSSON also has a range of interesting activities for guests to take part in, such as guided bike tours to a local beach with views of the Northern Lights, yoga, and karaoke in a mirrored room. An on-site Italian restaurant that includes a bistro, café and bar also aims to cater to the different budgets of guests staying at the hostel.

More information on ODDSSON is available at the official website.