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You can snuggle up on Qatar Airways as it has the world's first double beds in business class

While economy passengers rarely seem to enjoy any great improvements to their flying conditions, there seems to be no limit to the luxuries business and first class travellers are fortunate enough to enjoy. The latest enhancement is that Qatar Airways has introduced the world’s first double beds in business class, so passengers can recline two middle seats into a flat bed, which will be great for couples or families.

Qatar Airways has launched double beds in business class. Image: Qatar Airways

The new suites are known as Qsuites, and they will also allow four passengers in adjoining seats to remove privacy panels to transform their seats to form a private area, complete with TV screens. This will be great for those who want to conduct business meetings with colleagues, or groups of friends who wish to dine or chat or play games in a group.

Four business class passengers can remove privacy panels to create a private area. Image: Qatar Airways

This new feature is being trialled on a daily Boeing 777 service from London Heathrow to Doha, and may expand to Paris and New York routes. It costs from £1600/€1815 per seat, but it may be worth it to many people for a good night’s sleep, snuggled up to their nearest and dearest.

Qatar Airways has launched double beds in business class. Image: Qatar Airways

‘It is a revolutionary, brand new, game-changing product which we are going to roll out across our business class fleet, raising the business class experience to a new level,’ said Jonathan Harding, the carrier’s senior vice president for Europe. ‘We have the first double bed in the sky so people travelling together are able to avail themselves of that. If you’re travelling by yourself you get privacy, particularly in one of our window seats, but our quads can be configured in a way that is very flexible and comfortable.’