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Seoul train station gets snazzy new upgrade with baggage conveyor belts

If you don’t fancy lugging your bags up a flight of stairs then you need to visit Seoul. KORAIL, the national railroad operator in South Korea, has recently installed automated conveyor belts at Seoul Station.

A South Korean girl wearing traditional clothes
A South Korean girl walks with her parents at a railway station in Seoul. Image by Getty Images/ PARK JI-HWAN

No more attempts to haul your bags up steps, the new conveyor belts will allow passengers to easily transfer their bags up and down with ease, though it is unclear as to whether there was a demand for this service in the first place.

Work on the conveyor belts began in June and was completed in late July where they went through an initial monitoring phase with the addition of ramps and sensors. Four belts have been installed, two on each side at Lines 1-4 in Seoul Station moving in opposite directions. Seoul Station serves the highest number of passengers in Korea, with a daily average of 100,000 passengers.

These are said to be the first baggage conveyor belts installed in South Korea for passengers, however it has not been confirmed if more belts will be installed in the future. But for now, passengers can enjoy the automated service for free.

This isn’t the first time that Seoul has looked to improve transport for passengers. This year, it was announced that the South Korean capital had second-worst air quality in the world and in an effort to combat this ongoing issue, launched an initiative for free transportation on days with high levels of fine dust. Free transportation is limited to popular commute times 5 am to 9 am, and 6 pm to 9 pm on the second day.