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Louis Vuitton has released a travel case exclusively to carry perfume costing $430

Louis Vuitton, long associated with luxury and monochrome luggage, this week unveiled it’s latest travel accessory – a mini travel case designed to just hold a single bottle of perfume.

The tiny leather case comes in the LV signature monogram design, black, white or  a dusty millennial pink, and is made to specifically carry Les Parfums Louis Vuitton nice and snugly. The perfumes retail at up to €350, and the newly-launched case starts at $430.

According to the brand: “in creating the Fragrance Travel Cases, Louis Vuitton applies its savoir-faire and mastery in custom-designing the perfect case for transporting and protecting each item of one’s personal belongings.” The perfume travel case is secured with a tiny buckle and they can be personalised in-store with your initials hot-stamped on, at an additional charge.

How to safely transport scents

For those of us who are just a little bit too squeezed to stretch to a personalised perfume case, here are some tips for how best to transport scents in luggage:

  1. Decant into a plastic bottle that is 100 ml or less.
  2. Squeeze any excess air out of the bottle before tightening the lid (this prevents the bottle from bursting in air).
  3.  Wrap the bottle in cling film, or place in a ziplock plastic bag, to doubly safeguard.
  4. Pick up free samples of spritzer fragrances that come with magazines or at cosmetic counters in the airport or department stores – these can last for weeks.
  5. Buy a refillable purse spray bullet, that will allow you to carry and spray your favourite scent, but be sure to protect it the same as above.