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You can now get rose gold Minnie Mouse ears at Disney Parks and fans are going wild

A new fashion statement is sweeping Walt Disney World in the shape of two rose gold ears. Fans familiar with the signature headband will now be able to get a sparkly, sequined upgrade complete with a metallic bow at Disney parks in the USA.

The new Minnie Mouse ears have taken parks by storm with tourists hopping onto social media to share their joy.


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The on-trend colour of the season rose gold ears will set buyers back $24.99 and can be found in most Disney merchandise shops in Disney parks. Among the fans sporting the sequined ears was Disney Channel’s Sabrina Carpenter, who shared a shot of herself and friends showing off her new hairband.

Minnie Mouse is well known for being quite the fashionista with her wardrobe containing more than 100 outfits, including everything from a cheerleader ensemble to evening gowns.

It’s no surprise that the new ears are in such demand given the traditional ears’ popularity over the years too. When laid end to end, there are enough of the famous “Mouse Ear” hats sold each year to stretch 175 miles or cover the head of every man, woman, and child in Orange County.


However, there have been reports that many of them are selling out fast and several rose gold Minnie ears have even now appeared on eBay with some charging twice or three times the original price.