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Liverpool is getting a Home Alone pop-up theme bar this Christmas

Yes, it’s only September but with the colder weather creeping in, surely it’s not too early to get excited about Christmas? We’re saying no anyway because of this very exciting news coming from Liverpool; there’ll be a Home Alone-themed Christmas pop-up bar there this year.

This is our reaction too. Photo by 20th Century Fox

The team behind it promise an incredible Christmas bar with a special Home Alone twist on the theme. So far, they’ve teased that this will involve a series of living rooms filled with every festive decoration imaginable, gigantic Christmas trees, remixes of the seasonal tunes that soundtracked the films and even live bands playing the music of the holidays.

Added into the mix are, of course, some special cocktails to make you merry. There’s no word yet on whether patrons will have to navigate through the ingenious booby traps that tripped up the movie’s bungling burglars, but the new venue will be managed by the crowd behind Ghetto Golf, a bar with its very own miniature golf course, so surprises could be in store.

The Home Alone bar will be popping up in the Cains Brewery Village. There’s no official word yet about when and how you can book reservations, but the team did say on social media they anticipate the bar will be open to the public at the start of November.

Increased security at airports now means this bar is probably the closest you’ll ever get reliving this family favourite…which is probably a good thing as only Kevin seemed to be having a fun time for most of it.

This makes us so happy. Photo by 20th Century Fox