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Horticulturist showcases Bermuda's plant, bird and sea life in stunning images

Most people who visit the idyllic Atlantic islands of Bermuda go there because of the archipelago’s famous pink sand beaches and year-round warm weather. If this horticulturist has his way however, more people might consider a trip to see Bermuda’s incredible range of plant, bird, sea and land life.

Horticulturist showcases lesser-known side of Bermuda
Amaral showcases the flora and fauna of Bermuda on hi Instagram page. image by: Ryan Amaral

Ryan Amaral has been posting photos through his Ecoguardian Instagram account showcasing the extraordinary colour of the main island. He works in a garden on Bermuda with a large aviary of parrots and where almost every species on the island can be found.

Ryan told Lonely Planet: “I wanted to highlight the animals and plants most people – including locals – may not even know we had. “Bermuda has a one of a kind marine environment and of course the world-renowned pink sand beaches but deeper in land there lies jewels waiting to be uncovered. My goal is to uncover them all and give them a view in a different or expected light.”

Horticculturist captures Bermuda's diverse plant life in beautiful images
Horticulturist highlights Bermuda’s extraordinary plant life. Image by: Ryan Amaral

Ryan’s beautiful photographs capture the unique eco-system of Bermuda where the Gulfstream means it never gets cold enough for frost.“A wide variety of plants and animals call our island home,” he said, “several are endemic and found nowhere else in the world. Altogether, they fill our island with a kaleidoscope of colours year-round.”

Bermuda's unique plant life photographed by horticulturist
Photographer captures the unique plant life of Bermuda. Image by: Ryan Amaral

Plants and flowers thrive in the sub-tropical climate with beautiful flowers from all across the world either introduced accidentally or specifically for their beauty.Wildlife is abundant with dragonflies, butterflies, bats, and Bermuda’s famous whistling frogs (whose call can be heard on warm nights).

Ryan said: “Birdlife is extremely wide ranging, a dozen or so species call our island home year-round, but a large number of species – over 300 – have been recorded in Bermuda, often migrating from North America’s harsh winters. It appears even birds know Bermuda is a prime vacation destination.”