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Living the dream: meet the woman who gave it all up to travel with her rescue dogs

Meet the woman who packed up her life into a Dodge Sprinter van to travel with her two adventure-loving rescue dogs. Incredible images show Bryce LaDuc (38) from Elkhorn, WI, USA, with her two 12-and-a-half-year-old Border Collie Mix dogs at the top of mountains enjoying the view, lounging by a lake and hiking through the countryside.

Bryce LaDuc is travelling the US in a converted Dodge Sprinter
Bryce LaDuc relaxing with one of her dogs. Bryce LaDuc / mediadrumworld.com

Other pictures show Bryce relaxing with Tonto and Finn in their converted van or excitedly jumping outside to go on their next adventure. Bryce currently uses the van on the weekends with her boyfriend Paul and their two dogs, but plans to move to living in a van fulltime. “Using the van as an adventure mobile is incredible,” she said. “We are not held back at all by needing a place to stay and it makes weekend trips, road vacations and exploring simple.  We have always tried to live minimalistic so learning to be comfortable in such a small space isn’t hard for us.

“The dogs have adapted well and I think they realise that when we are in the van they are heading for a good adventure.The one thing that is hard is they are not able to get up on the bed. We sometimes lift them up for them to cuddle and take naps, but at night we can tell they wish they were up there with us. “We are trying to figure out the logistics of being full-time vanlifers and can’t wait to make our address ‘the road’.”

Bryce and her two dogs are travelling the US in a converted van
Bryce in her converted dodge Sprinter Image by: Bryce LaDuc / mediadrumworld.com

Bryce rescued Tonto as a stray from Hurricane Katrina and Finn from an abuse situation in Upstate New York. She explained why she likes to take the dogs everywhere she goes and why they don’t have to miss out on the adventure lifestyle. “They are my entire world,” said Bryce.“I may have rescued them, but in the end they are the ones that rescued me. They remind me each day to appreciate the little things.

Tonto and Finn have been to 27 states in America and countless national parks and forests. Their future plans include a van trip to Arizona, Nevada and Utah as well as the Canadian Rockies. Bryce had a message for anyone considering the van life and how it doesn’t mean you have to forget your pets. “My dogs are beyond happy when camping and hiking,” she said.

Bryce relaxing with her dogs
Bryce LaDuc with her collies, Tonto and Finn. Image by Bryce LaDuc/mediadrumworld.com

“Tonto is outgoing and interested in everything – he is the first one doing perimeter checks around camp. Finn is more reserved and all business – he watches our every move and always is in tune with us. Life is short. Spend your time and your money doing things that make you smile. Things you are passionate about. Things that make you feel good about yourself.”

By mediadrumworld.com