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The world’s first underwater luxury vessel resort will be built in Dubai

Looking for an experience like no other? The world’s first underwater luxury vessel resort is set to be built in Dubai. Launched by Kleindienst Group, a real estate and property developer in Dubai, The Floating Venice will be located 4km off the coast. It plans to bring an authentic Venetian experience to the Middle East.

A view from the skies
The Floating Venice Arial Overview Image by PR Newsfoto/Kleindienst Group

The new resort is valued at around $680 million and has the capacity to house up to 3000 guests daily. Accommodation, restaurants and recreation facilities will be split over four decks – one of which is underwater.

Because of its location, guests will have to arrive by boat, seaplane or helicopter where they can check in at the underwater lobby. Guests can be transported to their cabins through winding canals by gondolas imported from Venice or via the walkways and bridges.

There will be 414 bespoke cabins available for guests with the underwater cabins giving views of the reefs below. The resort will also be equipped with a plethora of boutique shops and will celebrate Venetian culture and the arts through festivals such as Carnivale di Venezia, La Biennale di Venezia and Festa del Rendentore.

The Floating Venice
Floating Venice underwater Ca d’Oro Cabin Image by PR Newsfoto/Kleindienst Group

Over 40,000 sq ft of corals will be planted around the resort. It’s described as a modern interpretation of Venice and will also feature 24 pools, 12 floating beaches and a collection of bars and restaurants as well as an underwater spa.

The Floating Venice gondola and Ca d’Oro view Image by PR Newsfoto/Kleindienst Group

Constructed from a mixture of concrete for the underwater sections and marine lightweight materials for the upper decks, The Floating Venice is designed to have a lifespan of at least 100 years. Construction on The Floating Venice is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2018 with completion by the end of 2020.