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Grand staircases spiralling into decay across Europe beautifully captured in a photo essay

Mesmerising images by a staircase-obsessed explorer reveal the wonderfully designed staircases spiralling into decay across Europe. Other eerie pictures from these undisclosed and supposedly secured buildings show different grand staircases with some covered completely dust and paint peeling off, whilst others feature hypnotic spiral designs.

A staircase photographed in France. Image by Romanelli Alessandro/Mediadrumworld.com

Urban explorer, Romanelli Alessandro (45), captured the images on a tour of Italy, France, Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.

A wonderful image of a staircase in Italy. Image by Romanelli Alessandro /Mediadrumworld.com

“Most of the buildings that have these staircases are closed to the public for being unsafe and to prevent vandalism or other types of intrusion.  What you see in these pictures is the absence of man. The one who creates and then forgets,” Romanelli said.

A wonderfully designed staircase in Italy.  Image by Romanelli Alessandro/Mediadrumworld.com

“People always build new things forgetting to preserve the beautiful and forgotten architectural wonders like the buildings with these staircases. I like the excitement of entering a place where life lives no more. I’m very jealous of what I find and take photographs of them.” Despite the buildings being abandoned, urban explorer Romanelli faced various dangers from the police, dogs, and security guards as all the sites are closed to the public. Many people appreciate what they see; a beautiful staircase photographed symmetrically,” the photographer explained.

An eerie picture from Poland. Image by Romanelli Alessandro/Mediadrumworld.com

“On some occasions, people do not comprehend the actual abandonment of a place and many are astonished by what they see.”

By mediadrumworld.com