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Barcelona’s beautiful building facades are being documented in this Instagram account

A Barcelona-based photographer has amassed thousands of followers and fans online, thanks to an ongoing project that sees him documenting the diverse beauty of the building facades all across the city in a clean and distinct style.

Created by architect and photographer Roc Isern, the Barcelona Facades project is presented in the form of a dedicated Instagram account that collects images of colourful pastel apartment blocks, shiny modern commercial towers, and classic symmetrical hotel facades across a diverse range of areas in Barcelona. The images are always perfectly framed, showcasing the clean lines and unique nature of each chosen subject. Roc began pursuing his interest in documenting the city back in 2014, teaching himself the necessary photographic techniques before launching the project.

“I think of Barcelona as an endless source of fronts with many architectural styles, and it presents me with the opportunity to go through the city and explore. I am always looking up, willing to discover something new every day,” Roc told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Roc’s inspiration comes from the geometric shapes, patterns, symmetry, colour and shadows created by each individual building facade, and he thinks of the account as an ever expanding gallery that shows the true face of the city. “Every day we all pass in front of all kinds of facades. All we have to do is raise our heads to observe what surrounds us. Barcelona offers a varied collection of urban scenery, from the Gothic Quarter to L’Eixample, as well as the new 22@ District, we see distant ages, modern architecture, and so many other styles. This is what makes it so attractive,” Roc said.

The reaction to Roc’s work online has been incredibly positive, with images of post-modern architecture proving to be the most popular. An exhibition that includes his work is currently being planned for next Autumn in Berlin, while the photographer said that he would also like to publish a book on the project in the next few years.

As well as documenting the city with Barcelona Facades, Roc also photographs architecture while travelling further afield, which he shares on his personal Instagram account.