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The best wedding photos from around the world will melt your heart

Online magazine Junebug Weddings has unveiled the winners of its ‘Best of the Best Destination Photography Contest’. The competition invited photographers to send in images of happy couples in beautiful settings all around the world.  “The competition accepted engagement, wedding, anniversary, honeymoon, and vow-renewal photography”, say Junebug, “and was judged based on the degree to which each image conveyed both the emotions of the couple, and the beauty of the location.”

A couple getting married in Havana. Image by Pol Sena/ Sweetpapermedia

The submissions flooded in, and now, the magazine’s judges have revealed their chosen 50 winners. The stunning images feature an array of dreamy wedding and honeymoon destinations; from colourful Goa in India (Lukas Piatek), magical Aurland, Norway (Assemblage Photography) and balmy Havana, Cuba (Sweetpapermedia).

A wedding in Goa was one of the 50 finalists. Image by Lukas Piatek

The misty Dolomite mountains in Italy also feature, in a beautiful picture captured by The Ferros, Scotland-based Italian couple Nico and Vinx. The pair are thrilled to have been selected as winners, and are incredibly proud of their gorgeous snap of happy couple, Giulia and Federico – especially considering the drama behind the shot! “It was Giulia who decided on the Dolomites”, Nico and Vinx tells Lonely Planet News.
“She’s an incredible climber and it’s one of her favourite spots. When we arrived it was a nice, clear day. But the higher we went, the cloudier the sky started to get, and all of a sudden a big storm hit. We almost lost ourselves in the fog for a while!”

The stunning Dolomites Mountain Range, Italy provided a backdrop for Giulia and Federico. Image by Nico & Vinx Ferrara

“Giulia and Fede were so excited though, and we couldn’t be happier as we’re always up for adventure. So it was  an extraordinary moment where all the forces of nature came together, giving us the chance to shoot that instant and freeze it forever. It’s unbelievable how that shot represents Giulia and Fede as a couple and as people; they’re humble, adventurous, young and brave lovers, who would never stop holding each other in an intense and dramatic moment like that. We could never thank them enough!”

Magical Aurland in Norway provided the scene for this couple. Image by Melanie Ng /Assemblage Photography

This is the fourth iteration of the Junebug contest, which aims specifically to showcase the wedding photographer community’s skills when it comes to capturing epic outdoor locations. “Unlike ordinary wedding photography competitions, the Best of the Best Destination Photography Contest allows photographers to pursue recognition as destination photographers. We’re delighted to give our members and others in the industry an opportunity to promote their destination work.”