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Oktoberfest has its very own shoes designed by Adidas...and they’re beer-proof

Munich’s Oktoberfest is a delightfully raucous affair, but with a lot of partying comes a lot of stains. Now Adidas has made a special pair of sneakers designed to withstand all the pressures of the beer festival and it will match perfectly with your lederhosen too.

The special Adidas Oktoberfest sneakers with bonus beer
If you’re looking for shoes to wear to Oktoberfest, look no further. Image by Adidas

The Munchen Oktoberfest shoes are covered with a water- (and beer-) repellent chemical so you can happily wade into the beer tents and wave your stein around without a care in the world. The chemical, combined with the durable leather, also means it’s resistant against that other liquid you may be seeing as a result of the festivities; vomit.

The Oktoberfest shoes are designed to complement your lederhosen. Image by Adidas

The design itself is inspired by traditional Bavarian leather pants, with autumnal shades of brown and gold. Look close enough and you’ll also find a secret message stitched above the famous Adidas stripes; ‘Prost’, which is German for ‘cheers’.

Inside the shoe, Oktoberfest veterans will appreciate the red and white check pattern on the lining inspired by the traditional tablecloths (although hopefully these should be less beer-soaked than those).

The shoes are limited edition and are available to buy online for €199.95. This may seem pricey, but with a litre of beer costing nearly €11 at this year’s festival, you might as well dress for the occasion. The shoes are, of course, made in Germany.