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Budget airline to offer €150 flights between Europe and India

Next year you could fly between Europe and India for as little as €150, reports the Times of India. Scoot is aiming to run direct flights between European cities including Manchester, Copenhagen and Vienna, and Indian destinations.

Jama Masjid Mosque in Delhi, India Image by narvikk/Getty Images

The operator, part of Singapore Airlines, will operate from Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata, with return fares of around €310 including a 20kg checked bag and a meal. Indirect flights, stopping in the Middle East, would offer even cheaper fares. Scoot was founded in 2011, and currently takes in 60 destinations, mostly in Australia and East Asia. But it isn’t the only budget airline with eyes on routes between Europe and India. Indian carriers SpiceJet and IndiGo are planning flights to London Gatwick – Scoot has avoided connecting with London to avoid competition with parent company Singapore Airlines.

IndiGo now boasts 138 jets, while SpiceJet – which currently has 55 planes – ordered 100 Boeing aircraft in June, according to the Daily Telegraph. As India’s population rises, so does its middle class – a major market for international and domestic flightsNorwegian Air, which earlier this year announced $70 flights connecting New York and New England with airports across the UK, has also considered entering the ring, although no concrete plans have been announced as yet.

Located in the north (Delhi), east (Kolkata) and south (Chennai), the three cities offer access to great swathes of India, and sights including the Red Fort and the Marble Palace.