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Discover the most popular Airbnbs in New Zealand and Australia

The variety of homes available on Airbnb means there’s no shortage of selection for travellers – but there are certain places that seem to make an impression on everyone who takes a look. That is certainly the case for these properties in Australia and New Zealand, which are the most “wish-listed” in each country, according to Airbnb.

This house truck in New Zealand is perfect for kite-surfers. Image by Airbnb

The home rental site offers a “wish-list” tool, where guests can find and save potential Airbnbs that they want to stay in some day. Naturally, unique homes tend to end up on many travellers’ lists, ranging from treehouses to yurts and castles. Now, Airbnb has released a list of the top 20 properties that travellers love in Australia and New Zealand.

Stay in a treehouse in the mountains outside of Sydney. Image by Airbnb

One of the top properties is a self-sufficient treehouse in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney, close to famous spots like Pulpit Rock. The property is next to a national park and described as a perfect spot for a writer, birdwatcher, bushwalker, and meditator, or for couples.

Enjoy an igloo by the sea. Image by Airbnb

Travellers in Australia were also enamoured by a “quant Balinese-style timber cabin” near Byron Bay and an “igloo by the sea”, while those dreaming of New Zealand were interested in an amazing house truck in Golden Bay and a beautiful “tree house” above Wellington Harbour.

A luxury Gold Coast villa. Image by Airbnb

“Australia and New Zealand are the perfect destinations for both local and international travellers. They offer the best of both worlds; from small coastal towns with incredible beaches to vibrant city hubs with some of the world’s best dining and entertainment experiences,” said Sam McDonagh, Airbnb’s country manager for Australia and New Zealand in a statement.

Stay in Woodpecker Bay in New Zealand. Image by Airbnb

“It’s clear travellers have a fascination with Australia and New Zealand’s great outdoors, with hinterland villas, bush chalets and seaside treehouses topping the most-wishlisted; however, they’re also wanting to indulge in the vibrant urban lifestyle, with luxury New York-styled apartments and rooftop terraces also popular.”

Take in the view at a lakefront home in New Zealand. Image by Airbnb

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