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This company is paying people to book flights for other passengers

When it comes to booking trips, some savvy people truly relish the challenge of finding the very best deals online, while others, not so much. This is, at least, the inspiration behind one California-based company, which is offering to pay people to book flights for others.

A woman in a coffee shop looking at a smartphone with a laptop
The app and website allows users to make money by pocketing the difference when booking flights for others. Image by Tim Robberts

Called Farefetch, the company recently launched an online proprietary platform that allows “farefetchers” to subscribe to an email list that is updated with requests from prospective travellers wishing to book a flight under a specific desired price. The first fetcher to claim it gets given the task, before heading off to do the research. If they can manage to source a booking price lower than the original budget, they can pocket the price difference and be paid for their services. Upon finding such deals, the user either reports back to the company with details on how to make the booking, or completes it themselves before being reimbursed.

Airplane is about to landing at the airport with some flare from the bottom view
The company currently has approximately 1,000 fare searchers. Image by Normalfx/Getty Images

The amount of money that can be made is dependent on a range of different factors, with the company claiming that some users can make up to $1000 on a single deal. Variations include the type of ticket that users are instructed to book and the deals that can be applied to secure them. The service has no subscription fees and users are paid either one week after the company completes the booking, or 48 hours later if they have done so themselves. “Our platform was created with a win-win goal in mind. The travellers save time and money, while the farefetchers make money,” said David Drizin, founder and CEO of the company.

The information provided by the intended travellers must include the location specifics, desired travel dates, number of passengers, total budget, class of service, number of stops and additional special requirements.

Travellers Getting Boarding Passes At Check-In
The California-based company said that it is seeking to link travellers with bookers that know how to get the best deals. Image by Hinterhaus Productions

The service has proven to be popular in an ever-changing industry where nabbing the very best deals on flights has become important, with approximately 1000 farefetchers signed up to the service. If flights are cancelled after tickets have been booked, the customers themselves are responsible for reaching out to the airline to discuss flight replacements, while the portion of the ticket cost that went to the person who found that flight is non-refundable.