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The Bucket List Family is spending a magical month inside Walt Disney World

If living inside Walt Disney World sounds like a magical dream come true to you, you’ll be madly envious of the Gee family, also known as the Bucket List Family. The family –  dad Garrett, mum Jessica and children, Dorothy and Manilla – is in the middle of a 30-day experience where they stay in a different hotel at the Florida resort every day.

This isn’t the family’s first adventure, as they have been on a round-the-world adventure since August 2015 and have now visited 45 countries. They have taken 150 flights so far and say they are trying to treat each destination like a “mini-move” rather than a vacation, so they can learn about the locals and live like them and amongst them.

Originally from Utah, Garrett is co-founder, with two others, of a mobile app, Scan, acquired by Snapchat for $54 million, but according to Business Insider, he hasn’t touched his share for this trip. He and his wife Jessica, who is from Denver, have funded their travels by selling their belongings for $45,000 and embarking on their epic adventure together with their two small children. 

Now after entering and winning the 30 Stays in 30 Days competition, they’re on a Disney-sponsored vacation that sees them exploring the resort’s four theme parks and two water parks. It seems like a fantastic experience as they get to visit the parks and enjoy daily adventures, along with meeting members of the 70,000 Disney cast members. They also stay in a different hotel every night and get to sample and share the particular attractions of each one.

The Bucket List Family play a game along the way that helps them to figure out where they are off to next, and they upload and share images and videos from their Disney trip on social media. With over 739,000 Instagram followers to date, the family is doing a great job of keeping their followers updated with regular posts about their adventures in the parks, and they are also blogging on a website made for the Disney trip.

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