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A traveller photographed Russian nesting dolls in every country she visited in the world

Russian photographer and blogger Janna Travels embarked on an incredible round-the-world trip, with three tiny wooden friends in tow. Each time she stopped off at a new destination, she captured a snap of her dolls, resulting in a very impressive photo album.

The matroyshka travelled to Monaco. Image by Janna Travels

“I had three nesting dolls (usually called Russian dolls, Matryoshki or Babushki) with me”, she tells Lonely Planet, “which I photographed in each country I visited. I believe they are the only nesting dolls to have made a round-the-world trip!”

Janna took the dolls along with her to Japan. Image by Janna Travels

“I did it for fun”, she continues, “and to encourage others by showing them that travelling is amazing, and can be done a bit differently. Over ten months, I travelled around the world, visiting 16 countries, and making 20 flights.”

This trip was epic; Jenna flew from Russia to the UK, before moving into France, Monaco and Germany. She then made her way to the USA, with stop-offs in New York, Florida, California, before heading north to Canada for the obligatory Niagara Falls pic! From there, she flew south to Australia and New Zealand, before travelling around Asia. Highlights included Bali, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the colourful Japanese capital, Tokyo.

The nesting dolls made their way to Melbourne, Australia. Image by Janna Travels

As if this wasn’t enough, Janna continued her travels a few months after finishing this worldwide trek, taking in Israel, Portugal, Turkey and Spain. “So the total at the moment is 21 countries,” she notes. Has she more destinations planned? “I would love to go just about anywhere I haven’t been yet”, she says. “Usually my decisions are spontaneous, but maybe I’ll try to go to South America next.”

The matryoshka visited London, England. Image by Janna Travels

Has she a favourite spot, from her impressive list of countries? “To be honest, it’s difficult to say which destination is my favourite, I loved it everywhere. There is something special about every place, so my favourite destination is really Planet Earth.”