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Take a look at this unique Chilean project merging music and architecture

A group of creative Chileans recently worked together to produce Insignes Sesiones; a unique web series that saw a host of music performances take place in some of the country’s most beautifully-designed homes. Scottish band Travis were one of the acts to feature in the project, performing in Casa Oruga (Caterpillar House), in Santiago.

(L-R) Douglas “Dougie” Payne, Neil Primrose, Fran Healy and Andy Dunlop of british band Travis. Image by Photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage

“The whole idea started five years ago”, begins Max, the project’s director, “when I was working on an architectural project for my family in the south of Chile. The space was very important, a sort of multipurpose stage in the middle of the forest. That’s when the concept was born, and Alejandro (video post-production and design) joined the project.”

“After months of work”, continues Ignacio (music producer) “we created a concept that inspired us as a team: combine two artists from two different disciplines. On one side, the architects with their work, and on the other, musicians with their songs. All of it happens within the Chilean landscape, where we can appreciate how the architectural work is placed within its surroundings.”

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For the trio, this connection between architecture and music is key. “They have so many things in common”, says Max. “The sensitivity of creating or composing a piece, thinking about listening or projecting in layers, creating sensations and atmospheres, volumes, lights and shadows, textures!” “As Nano Stern said in the fourth episode”, adds Ignacio, “‘music and architecture do things very similarly. Both project. Architecture does in space, and music in time.’”

The performances took place in a selection of beautiful houses designed by architects like Mathias Klotz, Sebastian Irarrazaval, Felipe Assadi, Elton + Leniz, and Juan Luis Martinez. “Chile is going through a very good architectural moment”, notes Max. The series also aims to showcase the stunning Chilean landscape. “It was very meaningful to have the opportunity to exhibit our culture”, says Ignacio. “It is of course an honor to showcase our best architecture and music, and how could I not mention how pleasing it is to be able to document the beautiful landscape that nature provides us. What better way to get close to nature than through music.”