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No need to stick to closing time when you sleep overnight in this charming Irish pub

Have you ever been at the pub at closing time and wished you could stay just a little bit longer? Now you can — a real Irish pub in North Tipperary, Ireland is available for rent on Airbnb.

You can stay in this Tipperary pub. Image by Dave and Erron Slingsby

One tiny yet important detail to note about Conroy’s Old Bar is that this “pub with no beer” doesn’t have a liquor license. Still, renters will find every other aspect of an authentic village pub intact, from the original polished mahogany bar (with beer tap handles and till) to the dartboard, cosy open fireplace, and outdoor beer garden. There’s a full kitchen cleverly tucked behind the bar, and two bedrooms, including one in the former keg store that features charming details like an old beer barrel delivery door and a sloping floor that used to make it easier to move the kegs.

The cosy sitting room in the pub. Image by Dave and Erron Slingsby

Dave and Erron Slingsby bought the property that included a house, a former village shop, and Conroy’s Old Bar, and got the idea to convert it into a “quirky holiday let” they refer to as “The World’s First Self Catering Pub.” Nearly a decade later, the couple is still surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response they’ve gotten from renters. “Years ago Dave and I took a small business course and were told by the business advisor that the idea would never take off, as ‘a pub with no beer’ in Ireland, of all places, was a hopeless idea,” Erron Slingsby tells Lonely Planet. “That still makes me smile to this day.”

While the pub has hosted people from all over the world, Slingsby said their favourite bookings are made as a surprise for a loved one. “They walk in the door, expecting to buy a pint, and then when we hand them the keys and tell them that this is their accommodation for the next few days, the look on their face is priceless!”

Situated about a two hour drive from Dublin, the tiny village of North Tipperary will give visitors a true taste of rural Ireland. And for those who want to experience a pint of Guinness among the locals, the town pub is just a short walk away. Conroy’s Old Bar runs $121/£94 a night, with a two night minimum stay.