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Paris introduces 600 new electric scooters available to rent via mobile app

The city of Paris has received 600 new electric scooters that are available to the public to rent, allowing users to locate, unlock and hire them through the use of a dedicated mobile app.

Coup electric scooter in Paris
The project has introduced 600 new electric scooters to Paris. Image by COUP

Called Coup, the project has already been successfully introduced in Berlin by the Bosch Group. Renting a scooter requires no subscription under the scheme, and international driver licences can be validated in real time through the mobile app. The service is available 24/7, with the scooters charged and ready to go across a selection of Paris’ central arrondissements. The scooters are unlocked via Bluetooth, require no key, and come with a dedicated helmet that is stored beneath the seat. Charging is done by the company both day and night upon the return of the scooters.

Rental costs €4 for the first thirty minutes and €1 for every additional ten minutes, while a maximum fee of either €15 or €25 can be paid for a 24-hour period, depending on the time frame in which the scooters are hired.

The environmentally-friendly vehicles can travel at speeds of up to 45 kilometres-per-hour and can be parked in two-wheeler zones. With the city of Paris being famous for traffic congestion and parking issues, the manufacturers aim to deliver a much-needed service for easily getting around. “The opportunity to experience the city quickly, flexibly, and without any fuss on stylish eScooters has proved extremely popular,” said Mat Schubert, CEO of Coup Mobility GmbH.

Coup Electric scooter mobile app
The scooters are unlocked via mobile app, with no subscription fee necessary. Image by Coup

2015 saw Paris introducing its first e-scooter service to the city with Cityscoot, a project that operates in a similar fashion to Coup. The idea has also proved extremely popular in Rome, where last May a fleet of over 200 electric scooters were also introduced.

Renting with Coup requires a valid international driver’s licence. The app is available for iOS and android devices. More information on the project is available at the official website.