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A new start-up creates exhilarating road trip itineraries for travellers in New Zealand

If the idea of taking a road trip around stunning New Zealand appeals to you, a new start-up is creating an itinerary of exciting road trip tours for travellers. Roady is a travel company founded by friends Cameron Kennedy and Roscoe Price Moor, and the seeds were sown in 2010 when they enjoyed a fantastic football World Cup road trip in South Africa, Roscoe’s country of birth.

A new start-up is creating road trip tours for travellers to New Zealand. Image: Roady

“The itinerary was a whirlwind 30-day trip, which included a rundown Toyota Corolla hatchback, three tickets to World Cup matches, accommodation with Roscoe’s contacts and family at several South African destinations, and an endless supply of biltong and vuvuzelas,” Cameron tells Lonely Planet. “At the age of 18, we learnt a lot about travel and how to pull off a successful road trip in a foreign land.”

A new start-up is creating road trip tours for travellers to New Zealand. Image: Roady

The friends went on to study and travel and while Roscoe became a teacher, Cameron worked in marketing, helping businesses to build their brands. In November 2016, he came up with the Roady concept, and with Roscoe on board, they set up the business. It offers pre-packaged road trips across New Zealand for parties of one to 12 people. The company has four trips available at present – with glorious names like Up the Guts and Grubber Kick – and can also create custom itineraries.

Roady founders Cameron Kennedy, far right, and Roscoe Price Moore, second right. Image: Roady

Roady believes that New Zealand has something to offer every thrill-seeker and nature-lover, and says it’s the best country in the world to visit if you love nature, wide open spaces and friendly people. “There is fun and adventure to be had around every corner, whether it’s bungee-jumping, zorbing, rafting, skiing, mountain biking or walking,” says Cameron. “Another major attraction is experiencing Māori culture, which is an important part of New Zealand’s history and heritage.”

The biggest overseas visitors to New Zealand come from Australia, China, the USA and the UK. Many visitors choose to drive around because of the freedom it allows and to take in the stunning landscapes. It can be daunting to plan, so Roady’s trips include car hire and hand-picked accommodation. It also recommends the best places to stay, eat and drink, and outlines free and paid activities along the way, providing local insights to hidden spots and discounts on adventure activities. “We offer travellers the perfect balance of structure and freedom,” says Cameron. “This saves them time on the booking and research side of things, and gives them the freedom to spend their days as they please.”

A new start-up is creating road trip tours for travellers to New Zealand. Image: Roady

While the road trips primarily cater for 18 to 30-year-olds with a limited travel budget, the guys plan to expand their itineraries and branch into family and luxury travel over the next couple of years. This will include a different range of accommodation including baches (holiday homes), maraes (traditional Māori accommodation) or glamping, as well as unique car options such as eco-friendly electric vehicles and luxury cars.

A new start-up is creating road trip tours for travellers to New Zealand. Image: Roady

For further information, check out the Roady website.

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