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A chocolate spa is opening in 'The Sweetest Place on Earth' at the home of the Hershey bar

A new chocolate spa in Hershey, Pennsylvania – yes, home to that chocolate empire – will be treating visitors to a bit of the sweet stuff in a brand new way.

Get your sweet tooth ready for a chocolate spa. Image by Jason Varney

The MeltSpa by Hershey is opening in the heart of “Chocolatetown, USA” at 11 E Chocolate Ave. No stranger to capitalizing on its chocolaty-legacy, the town’s top attractions include Hersheypark, a theme park with more than 70 rides, and Hershey’s Chocolate World, where guests can learn how chocolate is made and test Hershey’s-inspired drinks and treats.

The MeltSpa will let visitors indulge their love of chocolate. Image by Jason Varney

The treatments certainly will be sweet, but don’t start imagining jumping into a vat of warm chocolate at the new spa. The spa is offering exclusive dark chocolate treatments for anyone who wants to try a more topical application of the delicious treat.

The day spa will feature treatments like a dark chocolate sugar scrub and body wrap, a “sweet hands and feet” dark chocolate treatment, cocoa massages and facials and much more. There will be nine different treatment rooms and refreshments that include coffee, tea, water, fresh fruit, trail mix – and of course, hot cocoa. The new chocolate spa will open on 12 September, but reservations for appointments can be made now.

If you love chocolate, why not try out a chocolate spa? Image by Jason Varney

If heading to Pennsylvania isn’t an option right now, there are a number of other chocolate offerings around the world where you can get a fix. A new chocolate museum has opened in Manhattan, which contains artifacts that tell of the origins of cocoa and chocolate, and naturally, also includes tastings. Last year in Las Vegas, Nevada’s only bean-to-bar chocolate maker, Hexx Chocolate + Confexxions, opened its doors to tours.