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Travellers choose a surprising bucket list of UK attractions

When you think of bucket lists you probably think of the seven wonders or great feats of adventure. Now travellers are being encouraged to think closer to home with a new survey that asked British people to pick their UK bucket list of attractions.

The survey was created by Snaptrip who asked 2000 people in the UK to pick where they would most like to go in the country. The results are as follows:

1. Eden Project

Eden Project, Cornwall
Brits really want to visit the Eden Project before they die. Image by Kev Williams/Shutterstock

Inside a Cornwall crater, you’ll find the largest captive rainforest in the world. Originally designed to showcase some of the world’s most important plants, it has grown into a top attraction with adventure activities for the family and hosting weddings, as well as plenty of educational resources. There are even plans to build a hotel here in the future.

2. Stonehenge

The mystical ring of ancient stones doesn’t appear to have lost its attraction in the last few millenniums. The prehistoric monument has been associated with everything from druidry and King Arthur to This is Spinal Tap and still attracts approximately 900,000 visitors every year.

Stonehenge at sunset, Wiltshire, England.
Stonehenge still manages to capture the public’s imagination. Image by AndyRoland/Getty Images

3. Harry Potter Studio

From an ancient UK icon to a more modern one, it’s no surprise that at least one Harry Potter location has made the bucket list. At the studio, which opened in 2012, wizard fans can tour the film sets and get up close with the props and costumes. There are also regular special events and the attractions was expanded to include a Forbidden Forest earlier this year.

4. Glastonbury

Despite the fact that it’s a festival and not even an annual one at that, Glastonbury is still up there for one of Britain’s top bucket list attractions. Running for nearly 50 years, the Somerset mega-campsite welcomes 135,000 people but those keen to take their first trip will have to wait until 2019 as next year is a ‘fallow year’, allowing the land time to recover.

5. The Shard

It’s hard to miss this new architectural icon in London’s cityscape but plenty of people are keen to get inside to experience some of the best views in the city. If you want to skip the admission price, you can always opt for one of the bar or restaurants instead.

The Shard and Tower Bridge
The Shard has quickly become a bucket list attraction. Image by Andrew Thomas/Getty Images

The company also created an interactive quiz which you can take online if you’d like to create a personalised UK bucket list of your very own and serve up personalised recommendations on your travel style based on your choices.