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Try this pizza with a Puerto Rican twist: Calle Loíza's coconut-crusted pie

In Puerto Rico, Calle Loíza residents have long known about Loíza 2050, the tiny pizza joint spearheaded by the legendary Doña Diosa García in 1986 that has been in the family ever since; four generations of pizza makers have dedicated themselves to cooking up arguably the tastiest pizza in town. And thanks to a recent pizza crust invention, plus the rapid arrival of fellow gastronomic masters to her street, Doña Diosa is—along with her daughter Doña Maria García, granddaughter Thelma Cabrera, and great-grandson Giovanni Ortíz— putting Calle Loíza on the culinary map.

Loiza 2050: famous for its coconut-crusted pizza
Exterior view of Loíza 2050. Photo by: Melissa Alvarado Sierra

If food is a tangible representation of a country’s spirit, then Loiza 2050 surely depicts the current culinary and entrepreneurial ethos in Puerto Rico, manifesting abundance during widespread trying times, and channelling that energy into different forms. For Loiza 2050, that means creating luscious pizza pies. Their signature pie can’t be found just anywhere: coconut crusted pizza topped with smoked salmon, brie cheese, and caramelized onions.

After years of making her famous coconut arepas, Doña Diosa noticed the coconut-everything craze and decided to use coconut flour for her pizza crusts, adding a new dimension of flavour to her pies while also giving gluten-free eaters a tasty option. People fell in love with it and the crust is now their most popular.

Loíza 2050 in Calle Loíza, Puerto Rico
Loíza 2050: making waves in Puerto Rico with its coconut-crusted pizza. Photo by: Melissa Alvarado Sierra

The surprises do not end with that dreamy coconut crusted pizza—Loiza 2050 also boasts a small but clever menu of pizza pie options, a nicely curated whiskey collection, and a family story worth sharing.

By Melissa Alvarado Sierra