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If you think your passport photo is unflattering, wait until you see this woman's pic

Whether true or false, we all think we look our worst in our passport photos, thanks to the unsmiling expressions and stark lighting, and worst of all, we’re stuck with them for years. On that basis, spare a thought for Texan woman Chelsey Ramos, who might just have eclipsed the rest of us when she renewed her passport from the US State Department, and a gremlin got into the the production.

An error distorted Chelsey Ramos' passport photo. Image:Tetra Images
An error distorted Chelsey Ramos’ passport photo. Image:Tetra Images

Chelsey and her boyfriend, Reece Lagunas, are going on a trip to Germany to celebrate his 30th birthday, and she got her passport photos done at Costco and submitted them with her application. When the newly-issued passport was sent out to her, the 27-year-old couldn’t believe it when she discovered that her photo had become distorted and she was the proud owner of a dramatically-stretched forehead. Her amused boyfriend posted the image on Reddit under the heading, So the State Department nailed my girlfriend’s passport,” and it immediately became a viral sensation.

An error distorted Chelsey Ramos' passport photo.
An error distorted Chelsey Ramos’ passport photo. Image by Reece Lagunas/Reddit

Comparing her new look to characters from the 1993 move, Coneheads, memes popped up with the image photoshopped into all sorts of amusing scenarios, which greatly entertained the couple. When contacted about the error, the passport office was very helpful and issued Chelsey with a brand new version, this time with a normal pic.

The couple can now go on holidays, safe in the knowledge that Chelsey won’t be stopped at passport control to explain where her massive head has gone?