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KLM’s new luggage tag will also guide you around Amsterdam

Airline staff attend to travellers’ every need in the air – but generally, once you hit the ground, you’re on your own. But Dutch airline KLM wants to help out visitors to its hometown of Amsterdam, creating a new luggage tag that will also be your tour guide in the city.

The KLM Care Tag is available for travellers this September. The smart audio luggage tag provides travellers with tips – based on their location – about how to get around the city, like where to lock their bikes or how much a taxi should cost.

The luggage tag – which you can attach to your bag or clothes as you head around the city – features an offline GPS tracker and a speaker so it can provide info based on where you are, whether you are walking or cycling around the city.

A woman holds a map in Amsterdam.
Dutch airline KLM wants to help travellers get around Amsterdam. Image by Chris Tobin/Getty Images

The airline recorded its crew members giving out the advice in areas where visitors will generally need some assistance – which is also aimed at helping out locals by getting tourists accustomed to the city.

Learn more about the tag or order one here.