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Make a withdrawal with a difference at this self-service beer ATM in Brooklyn

A bar in New York City has unveiled a specially dedicated beer ATM that allows customers to serve themselves a selection of local and national craft brews.

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The quirky system was introduced by Randolph Beer at Williamsburg, a bar and restaurant located at 104 South 4th Street in Brooklyn. The ATM allows customers to choose from a range of 24 different taps, offering a diverse selection of pale ales, largers, wheat beers, IPAs and more from across the US. While the taps are changed every day in order to keep the selection diverse, the bar tries to support local breweries and creators as much as possible by offering a wide choice from within the New York area.

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Visitors to Randolph Beer can use a special card that comes with prepaid amounts. Drinks are paid for by hovering the card over the different taps and selecting the amount of beer, either 1 oz. or 12 oz. This week has also seen the bar introducing five brand new beers to the ATM which are created at a brewpub located in the nearby neighbourhood of Dumbo. The bar also hosts a bottomless brunch that costs $37 from Friday to Sunday, which also allows patrons access to the beer wall to try the selection on offer.

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Randolph Beer also serves food created with beer in mind, with a menu that includes giant pretzels made with spicy beer cheese, fried chicken and jumbo wings, while the bar also serves, cocktails, wine and spirits.

More information on visiting Randolph Beer and trying the beer ATM is available at their official website.