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This whisky company will take candidates on a 10-day job interview around the world

Lately, there have been plenty of dream jobs for people eager to combine work and travel – but a Scottish whisky company has announced that it will take three candidates on a 10-day trip around the world just for the job interview.

Grant’s Whisky is looking for a new global brand ambassador – and to find out if their top three candidates are right for the job, they are going to take them on an all-expenses-paid trip to countries, “ranging from Colombia to Poland, India and South Africa equipped with a suitcase full of Grant’s to share with the friends they’re yet to meet.”

Those interested can apply for the interview process and then have their qualifications for the role tested on the road. The trip is inspired by a legendary trip taken back in 1909 by Charles Grant Gordon, who is the son-in-law of the company’s founder, William Grant. He sailed with a suitcase of Grant’s and aimed to introduce it to the world, according to the company – and in 2018, the global brand ambassador will follow in those footsteps.

Travel the world with a suitcase full of whisky as a brand ambassador for Grant's.
Travel the world with a suitcase full of whisky as a brand ambassador for Grant’s. Image by Grant’s Whisky

Grant’s says that the successful candidate must be “resourceful, charismatic, talented, and have a passion for writing, travelling and mixology. Putting these traits to the ultimate test, the final three candidates will need to use their suitcase of Grant’s as bargaining power, swapping drams for unforgettable adventures that take whisky to the world.”

“In today’s society, lots of people seek more flexibility and adventure from their work than a 9 to 5 day in an office. This job offers travel, freedom, independence and a good salary too! We wanted an interview process to match the exciting and challenging nature of the role,” said Oliver Dickson, global brand director.

If it sounds like this matches your skill set, then it’s time to get that application in so you can get out on the adventure of a lifetime. See the full job description here.