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A gorgeous new restaurant in France is sure to end up on travellers’ Instagram feeds

A new restaurant in France is sure to be showing up all over Instagram, as the gorgeous four-storey restaurant is simply made to be photographed.

The exterior of Pink Mamma in Paris is actually pink and covered in plants.
Pink Mamma in Paris earns its name. Image by Jérôme Galland

Pink Mamma, a new restaurant in Paris’ Pigalle neighbourhood, has a menu inspired by Florence and four floors all designed in different ways. The restaurant serves up the special Florentine dish, Fiorentina, a huge T-bone steak with two beef tenderloins on a grill. According to the restaurant, “in this region, they always say that if the steak isn’t more than three fingers thick, it’s a carpaccio”.

The interior of the restaurant is filled with plants.
The gorgeous interior of Pink Mamma. Image by Jérôme Galland

The steaks are cooked on a three-metre long barbecue where they cook the 1 kg T-bones and 1.3 kg Tomahawk steaks. They even cook them using Cherrywood and quebracho to infuse the meat with flavour.

A succulent steak sits on a custom plate with a glass of red wine.
Fiorentina cut steak is one of the restaurant’s specialties. Image by Joann Pai

Each floor in the 720-square-metre building has its own décor, with the top featuring a huge glass skylight. One floor features a retro vibe with vintage tapestries, while another is inspired by Florence. Another, styled as a trattoria, features antique plates on the wall and gives guests a view of the kitchen so they can see where the magic happens.

The bright green and metallic interior of the bar.
The restaurant also has a long cocktail menu. Image by Jérôme Galland

It’s also a great destination for plant lovers, as the restaurant is filled with Italian calamondim orange trees and wild ivy that grows around the wooden beams.

A restaurant is filled with flowers in its interior.
The plant-filled restaurant is sure to show up on many an Instagram feed. Image by Jérôme Galland

But there’s also plenty on the menu for people who have no interest in T-bones – there is tons of pizza, watermelon gazpacho with shrimp, sea-bream ceviche, and octopus that is described as “out-of-this-world.”

A green and plant-filled interior of a French restaurant.
The plant-filled restaurant is sure to wow visitors. Image by Jérôme Galland

So even if you’re heading there for the food, definitely don’t forget to bring your camera.