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Indulge your Game of Thrones fantasies with a themed tour of the Met in New York City

Game of Thrones may take place in a fantasy land, but these days fans of HBO’s smash hit drama (based on the series of novels by George R.R. Martin) can find all sorts of real-life ways to channel the fictional world of Westeros. There are themed pop-up bars mixing up specialty cocktails, a bakery selling direwolf bread, and now in New York City, a lively new museum tour.

The Game of Thrones Tour at NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art
Visitors taking part in the Met’s Game of Thrones-inspired tour. Image by: MUSEUM HACK

Museum Hack’s Game of Thrones-inspired tour takes visitors on a fantastic romp around the Metropolitan Museum of Art (or San Francisco’s de Young Fine Arts museum) to explore works through the lens of the wildly popular fantasy series. “The Met is full of historical and artistic inspiration that George R.R. Martin used to create GoT, and all our guides had to do was find it all,” Museum Hack’s Director of Marketing, Michael Alexis, tells Lonely Planet. During the one and a half hour interactive tour, Museum Hack’s “renegade guides” will connect pieces in the museum’s collection with characters and particularly memorable aspects of the series (like jousting or the gory Red Wedding), and spark a little competition with games and prizes. Consider this the less dangerous, more educational alternative to the cut throat drama unfolding in the Seven Kingdoms.

Game of Thrones tour at the Met
Tourists at the Museum of Metrpolitan Art. Image by: MUSEUM HACK

Museum Hack started in 2013 as a fun and informal tour that founder and CEO Nick Gray led at the Met for friends. Now the irreverent (yet illuminating) public tours are available in five U.S. cities, at museums like the Getty Center in Los Angeles, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Tours range from the ‘Un-Highlights’ that focus on the lesser-known works that deserve attention, to a female art and artist-focused version.

Game of Thrones enthusiasts at NYC's Met
Game of Thrones fans at the Met. Image by: MUSEUM HACK

While Alexis notes that all are welcome, the Game of Thrones tour has hosted some super fans since its inception. “On our inaugural tour, we had a guest wear a cape that looks like it was made from chains!” he says. “One of the best things about this tour is that fans know their stuff — we can see them light up when we start talking about the art and how it ties into the GoT story and characters. They know this material well and can really share in the experience.”

Tickets for Museum Hack’s Game of Thrones Inspired Tour are $39 and include admission to the museum. Guests must be 16 years or older.