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Artist creates stunning minimalist street installations in European cities based on Google Image searches

An artist has created a visually stunning project that sees a series of striking minimalist designs based on Google Image searches being installed in free ad spaces, billboards and other public spaces in different cities across Europe.

A pantone installation by Barato
One of Barato’s installations created by searching, “Blue Klein” on Google Images. Image by Barato

Created by art director and environmental artist Barato, the series was made using Google Image’s search algorithm to create structured colour palettes based on results for words such as, snow, fire, fog and forest. Barato used Google’s natural layout to create grid-like patterns of block colours, taking the dominant pantone shade of each image result to create each block.

Barato's street art made from block pantone colours
Barato takes inspiration from minimalist artists such Rothko and Mondrian. Image by Barato

As a lover of minimalist art, Barato was influenced by the work of creatives such as Mark Rothko and Piet Mondrian. “I think that I’m always paying attention to good colour patterns and to well-formed geometric shapes. When walking on the streets, reading magazines, or playing with Lego. I love to resume any topic using the google image search. It’s probably the best way to have a visual representation of anything in the world. If you want to know how something looks, check it on google search by images, and if your Wi-Fi is having some troubles, you will find these amazing graphical compositions,” Barato told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Barato green installation
The artist breaks the image search results down to their base pantone colours for the installations. Image by Barato

After creating the series, Barato got the chance to exhibit his work on the street, seeking out advertising spaces that were not in use in cities such as Amsterdam, London, Porto and Braga, as well as in some more rural places in Portugal.

Red colours from Barato's google image search project
The artist said that one of the goals of the project is to display it in cities around the world. Image by Barato

“The most important part of this project is the global language. It is exclusively visual, and it makes sense to work on a global scale. I had the chance to travel over the last few months, and so it was possible to spread the work in different spots. I think that it works well all over the world. Of course, I would love to proceed to more countries and other cultures, trying to find different reactions to these colours. I would love to hear more comments from Namibia, Vietnam, or Honduras. I think that today it is very important that our art interventions can also travel, not only digitally through Internet but also with physical implementations in different scenarios,” Barato said.

Barato's blue pantone
So far the art has been displayed in Amsterdam and London, as well as in various Portuguese cities. Image by Barato

More of Barato’s work is available on his website.