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You can take part in traditional harvesting at an old Tuscan olive grove

Gourmands who love nothing better than the taste of olive oil may have a new trip to add to their travel bucket list. A series of special tours are being run this year to let travellers take part in the traditional olive harvest in the Italian region of Tuscany.

Who wouldn't want to pick olives in a place like this?
Who wouldn’t want to pick olives in a place like this? Image by Il Borro

The trips are being run by Luxo Italia – a boutique travel specialist based in the country – during October and November. Included in the trip is an insider experience of what the harvest involves, as this year’s fruit gets carefully picked from the trees. A bespoke bottle of olive oil with a personalised label along with a soothing massage with a personally selected oil are also available.

Olives ready to be pressed in Tuscany.
Olives ready to be pressed in Tuscany. Image by Luxo Italia

Travellers will join a team of expert olive farmers, get their hands a little dirty (only a very little) in the groves, and learn all about how the oil is extracted and produced for the table. Also included as part of the package is a tour of one of the oldest wine cellars in Italy.
The wine cellar was where the first chianti was produced, and will be followed by a special Tuscan degustation dinner overlooking the medieval village of Borro.

Il Borro, owned by Salvatore Ferragamo.
Il Borro, owned by Salvatore Ferragamo. Image by Il Borro

Accommodation is at Il Borro, a luxury resort owned by Salvatore Ferragamo (better known of course for their shoes). Travellers can also enjoy tours to several of the most famous cities of Tuscany, including Florence, Siena, and Arezzo. The packages certainly aren’t for the budget traveller but if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, and are looking for a unique experience, they may be just up your street.

Tuscany's famous olive groves.
Tuscany’s famous olive groves. Image by Il Borro

The olive harvest trips are not the only dreamy trips offered by Luxo Italia with visits to secret rooms of the Vatican, and private Tuscan vineyard trips also available. Another intriguing trip on offer is a truffle foraging trip in the remote countryside of Piedmont, the area from where a single white truffle once fetched GB£165,000.