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The "Senior Nomads" mark 1000 nights staying in Airbnbs around the world

A globe-trotting couple has met a unique milestone as they travel around the world, marking 1000 nights spent in Airbnbs all over the world.

Debbie and Michael Campbell site on a couch in an Airbnb home.
Debbie and Michael Campbell have reached a milestone with the 1,000th Airbnb stay. Image by Senior Nomads

Debbie and Michael Campbell, a retired American couple who are known online as the “Senior Nomads”, have been travelling since July 2013. At that time, they quit their jobs early, rented out their home and sold their possessions, flying to Paris to start a new adventure. Since that time they’ve made their way around the world with the goal of spending the same amount of money that they would being retired in Seattle, all while staying in Airbnb rentals.

On 21 July, they marked their 1000th night in an Airbnb home, and have spent the past four years in 68 different countries, including spots in Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and more. They celebrated the milestone in Strasbourg, France, near Germany, making their temporary home in a “stunning contemporary flat in a turn of the century building located in the newly designated Unesco neighborhood of Neustadt”.

Debbie and Micheal spent their 1,000th night in an Airbnb in this home in France.
Debbie and Micheal spent their 1000th night in an Airbnb in this home in France. Image by Airbnb

Even Airbnb is impressed by the couple’s dedication to using the home-share site. “To the best of my knowledge, no other couple or individual has ever spent 1000 nights using Airbnb’s platform to live continuously in other people’s homes. Not any of our guests, not even any of our three founders, who established Airbnb in 2008 have reached this milestone,” said Chip Conley, strategic advisor for hospitality and leadership at Airbnb in a statement. “Although the record may not qualify the Campbells for the Guinness Book of World Records, they certainly are in the unofficial ‘Airbnb Hall of Fame.’”

Debbie and Michael also run a website, which is home to more than 120 blog posts about their travels. You can also check out every Airbnb in which they’ve stayed along the way and if you’re inspired by their home-hopping adventures, they’ve even written a book entitled Your Keys, Our Home. The book tells their story and includes information on how to pick an Airbnb, take transport and explore a city frugally and like a local. The book is available in paperback and e-book versions online.