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A cruise line is recruiting future leaders of Antarctic expeditions to join their training academy

If you don’t want to just experience an Antarctic expedition, but lead others on an incredible journey to one of the world’s most remote places, then this new training academy may be just the thing for you.

A sunset in Antarctica.
Want to see an Antarctic sunrise? Get trained for expeditions. Image by ©pbjacobs/Budget Travel

Luxury cruise company Silversea has created a new training academy that is looking to recruit people to join its teams. The teams are a feature of the company’s expedition voyages, bringing together experienced specialists in areas like wildlife, anthropology, history and more, to help provide travellers with context for their journeys. The team members give lectures, lead workshops and Zodiac trips, bring guests on nature walks and more.

If that sounds like an absolute dream job, then the training begins with webinar training sessions that help those interested develop skills that would help them with life at sea and guest relations. When it comes time for practical experience, applicants will learn things like boat handling and first aid.

Chinstrap penguins creating a Penguin Highway in Antarctica
Chinstrap penguins creating a Penguin Highway in Antarctica. Image by ©MB Photography/Getty Images

The successful applicants will also train for six weeks on board a refurbished ship among the expedition fleet in mid-November for its first season in Antarctica. On board the ship, hands-on training will cover “environmental and ecological knowledge, sustainability protocols and cultural sensitivity as well as further skills development which includes boat handling, practical field first aid, and ‘how to guide’ training”.

The training will then move forward with participants being given the chance to work the rest of the Antarctic expedition voyage and potentially on trips to other regions of the world.

Travellers have a chance to lead Antarctic expeditions.
Travellers have a chance to lead Antarctic expeditions. Image by Michael Leggero/Getty Images

“Our new leadership training academy underscores our commitment to exploring the world with the absolute best team of hand-picked experts to guide and enlighten our guests on expeditions,” said Conrad Combrink, Silversea’s vice president of expedition planning and strategic development in a statement. “The goal is to attract candidates who are knowledgeable and passionate, and prepare them for an exciting career working aboard a ship that will take them to amazing places where they will guide our guests in understanding the local history, culture and wildlife”.

Anyone who thinks this might be the job for them can contact the company’s manager of expedition product support, Kit van Wagner, at kitw@silversea.com.