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Discover the cheapest and most expensive cities to catch a cab

High airfares are often viewed as one of the biggest barriers to travelling, but once you hit the ground, the cab ride from the airport can sometimes break the bank. But new research outlines the most and least expensive places to catch a cab, so you can figure out which destinations are the cheapest to get around.

New York cabs drive through Times Square.
New York is one of the priciest places to get a taxi. Image by ©Luciano Mortula/Shutterstock

Carspring, an online car sales platform, has released a Taxi Price Index. The company says it looked at cab fares around the world to find out where are the best – and worst – places for getting around cheaply. Unsurprisingly, many of the most expensive spots are in Western Europe, with Zurich as the priciest at $25.25 for a 3-kilometre ride. The cheapest cities are found mostly in Asia, Eastern Europe and North Africa.

The thriftiest spots for a 3 kilometre ride are: Cairo, Egypt ($0.55); Mumbai, India ($1.40); Jakarta, Indonesia ($1.47); Bucharest, Romania ($1.47); Mexico City, Mexico ($1.53); Tunis, Tunisia ($1.62); Bangkok, Thailand ($1.64); Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ($1.89); Sofia, Bulgaria ($1.94); and Hanoi, Vietnam ($2.09).

Taxi on Westminster bridge.
London is one of the most expensive cities for a cab ride. Image by esslingerphoto.com/Getty Images

The most expensive cities for a 3 kilometre ride are: Zurich, Switzerland ($25.25); Geneva, Switzerland ($17.53); Tokyo, Japan ($15.95); Copenhagen, Denmark ($13.77); Helsinki, Finland ($12.81); London, UK ($12.35); Antwerp, Belgium ($11.63); Munich, Germany ($11.34); Hamburg, Germany ($11.28); and Stuttgart, Germany ($11.26).

The report was compiled based on data from the city’s official website where available, but notes that prices can change based on the time of day and number of people. While the report shows you what a short trip will cost, users can also see what a ride from the airport to the city centre should cost, as well as the initial price to hire a cab. “Nothing beats the relief of hopping into a comfortable taxi after a long day of sightseeing in a new city,” said Carspring CEO Maximilian Vollenbroich in a statement. “But in some cities, this simply isn’t affordable, and in other places, tourists are at risk of being overcharged. We hope our research helps travellers prepare for safe, fun, and budget-friendly travel in whatever ride best suits them.”

Read the full report here.