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Lugging your bags around the city? Startup aims to make storing luggage around London much easier

Citystasher is a startup based in London that aims to take the hassle out of carrying your luggage around a city. They offer short-term luggage storage that can be in any part of the city.

A photo showing the three founders of the company.
Founders Anthony Collias, Jacob Wedderburn-Day, and Matthew Majewski. Image by Citystashers

There has been a gap in the market for something like this for a long time. Previously the only place to store your luggage short-term was in an expensive locker in a train station. Lonely Planet News spoke to one of the founders, Jacob and he told us where the idea came from:

“One of our co-founders lives in central London. Another was visiting and had loads of stuff he had to carry around the city and asked the co-founder if he could store the bags in his apartment which sowed the seed for the idea. What if there were many other recognisable and convenient locations to store luggage around London?”

The way it works is that you go on to the app and search your area. Pins will appear showing hotels or shops that work with Citystasher. You then select the one closest to you and make the reservation. Lonely Planet News asked Jacob if it is safe and he said: “yes we go and check out every location before we sign them up. We’ve never had an incident, never had a claim and have stored over 20,000 bags. Long may that continue.” The bags are also insured for up to £750 ($980).

A woman is about to walk down stairs with her suitcase.
Lugging your bag around a busy city can be very difficult. Image by Citystashers

When they set up the company in April 2016, they were excited every time a single bag was checked in. Now they are at the stage where they process over 300 bags a day! They have over 60 locations around London and are hoping to expand more this year, starting with Amsterdam then France and Germany.

What’s next for Citystasher? Jacob says: “we are experimenting with the idea of luggage delivery; you can drop your bag off at any location and then get it delivered home or to another location.”

You can find out more about them here.