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Planning a romantic road trip? Now you can find where your names intersect in the USA

If you’re about to embark on a great American road trip with your loved one, this new online tool could help you plan an unusual romantic surprise on your route.

Couple relaxing in camper van
The founder hopes the tool will inspire couples to travel together. Image by Compassionate Eye Foundation/Hero Images

Crossing.us allows you to search for your name in any intersection in the United States. You can also input someone else’s name and if there’s an intersection where your two names meet, it will show up on the map.

The website is the brainchild of Entrepreneur Magazine editor Jason Feifer. One day when driving through Washington D.C, he noticed a street named Jennifer, which is his wife’s name. He started to think how cool it would be if he could find a Jennifer street that intersected with a Jason street.

With the help of some tech friends to built a new map service that allowed you to search for intersections, something which hasn’t existed before. You can search for just your own name, with the option of adding another name to see where they might intersect. The website uses data from the US Census and have even partnered with them so that users can input corrections if they spot a mistake.

The online tool Crossing.us allows you to enter in two names to find an intersection
You can find anybody’s name in the new online tool. Image by Crossing,us

Jason originally envisaged the idea as a romantic one, hoping it would encourage couples to travel and explore together, even if it was only for the goal of getting a cute picture in the end. However, you can use the tool to inspire your own road trip in any direction you wish or, of course, just use it as a time killer in the office to see whose names meet somewhere in the USA.

The website’s team has found plenty of odd combinations themselves, including Green Drive meeting Day Street, the amusing Thisway Drive and Anyway Drive and the odd historical pairing of Martin Luther King Drive intersecting with Robert E Lee Drive.

You can try it for yourself here and spend time exploring the tool or reading about their Intersection of the Day.