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This hotel in the UK is based on a children's TV channel and is an absolute wonderland for kids

After a year in the making, CBeebies Land Hotel, a hotel designed entirely for kids, has finally opened its doors. It is in Staffordshire, England, is based entirely on the kids TV channel CBeebies, and truly has to be seen to be believed!

Alton Towers Theme Park is the group behind this venture and the hotel is located right beside the park itself in Staffordshire. It boasts 76 themed rooms and there are many other features that make this place so unique. Edward Neville, who was responsible for the design of the hotel, told Lonely Planet News: “CBeebies Land Hotel is the first of its kind in the world and has been completely designed for our young guests. We have worked incredibly hard to bring to life the CBeebies channel with 76 rooms that feature some of children’s favourite characters including Postman Pat, In the Night Garden, Octonauts plus the CBeebies bugbie.”

This is the musical meadow where the children can relax
Musical Meadow at CBeebies Land Hotel. Image by Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

All of the rooms have separate areas for adults and for children. In the children’s area, the kids will have plenty to do to keep them entertained. The entire hotel was designed to be the stuff of dreams for kids, allowing them to let their imagination run wild. Edward says: “the hotel is completely interactive and features secret tunnels and doors that can only be accessed by children, games to discover in all of the bedrooms plus 14 hours of entertainment every single day. Little ones can meet their favourite characters, join in workshops to make music, learn dance routines and dance the night away in our disco with Ubercorn!”

The Octonauts themed room in the hotel
Octonauts-themed room at the CBeebies Land Hotel. Image by Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

The hotel is also in a great location; right beside the Alton Towers theme park for older kids and CBeebies Land for  younger kids. So you can spend your day in an amusement park and then go back to your hotel to keep the fun going. “There will also be the chance to join Bing in a live show and dance the night away with a CBeebies disco. As darkness falls, guests can take part in some stargazing with the CBeebies Land Hotel presenters before a restful night ready for an action-packed day!”

This is the pirate themed room.
The Swashbuckle Suite at the CBeebies Land Hotel. Image by Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

If you’re looking for a fun-filled family vacation for younger children, look no further than this!

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