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Sleep within a whisker of live tigers at this lodge inside an animal enclosure

A boutique new lodge has been unveiled in Kent, England that offers guests a truly wild and immersive experience, allowing them to sleep right beside tigers, separated only by a pane of glass.

A tiger at Port Lympne reserve in Kent, England seen from the Tiger Lodge.
The Tiger Lodge offers a truly immersive experience for wildlife and nature fans. Image by Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks

Located at Port Lympne animal reserve, a sanctuary for rare and endangered species that works with the Aspinall Foundation, the Tiger Lodge is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. Visitors stay in a four-person, two-bedroom custom lodge that has been specially built two metres inside a tiger enclosure. As well as featuring a log-burning stove and contemporary furnishings, the lodge includes a huge window that allows visitors to watch the day-to-day movements and routine of the tigers throughout their time there.

The accommodation includes a large balcony with a view that stretches to the English Channel and incorporates the 30-mile area of the reserve’s surrounding landscape.

The interior of the tiger lodge at port lypne reserve in Kent
As well as featuring a large window for tiger watching, the lodge comes with contemporary furnishings. Image by Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks

Staying at the Tiger Lodge also grants guests exclusive access to the park after hours, both before the gates open in the morning, and in the evening time when other visitors have left. Guests staying are supplied with a golf buggy to make their way around the park, and can rent night vision binoculars to view the animals. A range of cafés and restaurants are located on the grounds of the park, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

Other experiences at the reserve include special animal talks, African, Asian and South American safaris, photography experiences, segway tours, fishing and hot air balloon rides.

The view from the tiger lodge at port lympne reserve
The lodge offers views of the surrounding reserve, with the English Channel being visible. Image by Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks

Prices for the Tiger Lodge start from £375 per night at low season and go up to £800 per night at high season. Profits from the accommodation at Port Lympne Reserve go towards helping to save rare and endangered species both in the United Kingdom and overseas.

More information on visiting the animal sanctuary is available at the Aspinall Foundation website.