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Spanish woman who motorbiked around the world completes a trip across the Himalaya

Alicia Sonorsa is the first Spanish-speaking woman to travel around the world on a motorbike. She’s from Spain and completed the amazing feat back in 2013 and she has been on the move ever since. Speaking to Lonely Planet News she said “I could not stop travelling. My curiosity about what is in this world, the diversity of landscapes, customs and people makes me always thinking of discovering.”

She uses her camera and tripod to grab amazing images like this one. Image courtesy of Alicia Sonorasa
She uses her camera and tripod to grab amazing images like this one. Image courtesy of Alicia Sonorasa

She had always wanted to see the high Indian peaks in the Himalaya and this year was given the chance. As well as that she was offered to test drive the new Himalayan bike from the company Royal Enfield so the offer was too tempting! She brought over her old reliable Ducati Scrambler as well. The journey was about 1000 miles long and took her 28 days to complete. She told Lonely Planet News that the journey was quite difficult: “The high temperatures (more than 104°F), damp and heavy traffic made driving difficult. The melting snow complicated the route. I had to ford rivers and overcome passes more than 4000 yards high with heavy snow.”

Image Courtesy of Ivan Monagas Studio
The roads were often treacherous and full of traffic. Image courtesy of Ivan Monagas Studio

With the temperature fluctuating from 104°F to 26°F Alicia was lucky to have very few problems. Both bikes were a perfect match for the type of terrain she was riding across. She didn’t even get a puncture!

When asked about the people she met along the way, Alicia had this to say: “The Indians of these mountainous areas are more similar to the Tibetans than the rest of the population of the country. They are tanned, hardworking and very strong. Always friendly and caring people. Women who work in the fields as gatherers, caring for their family. They are always smiling and willing to help you. I have met some monks who live isolated for months in small monasteries and children who play in the ditches of icy water while tending to their flocks. In short, incredible people living in extreme conditions in high mountains.”

Image courtesy of Ivan Monagas Studio
The bikes survived the entire 1,000 mile trip without any problems whatsoever. Image courtesy of Ivan Monagas Studio

What’s next for Alicia? She wants to spend some time travelling in Southeast Asia. Check out her website to find out more information.

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Alicia celebrating beside some prayer flags. She also had them on her bike to bring her good fortune. Image courtesy of Ivan Monagas Studio