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Watch daredevil slackliners walk 280 metres above spectacular Croatian lake

Six Austrian daredevils have turned one of Croatia’s most spectacular natural attractions into their own adventure playground by walking across three vertigo-inducing highlines strung 280 metres above Red Lake.

The lake, situated close to the Croatian town of Imotski in southern Croatia, is in one of the world’s largest sinkholes, over 530 metres deep and 450 metres wide. Red Lake fills the bottom half of the sinkhole, which was formed when the ceiling of a huge karst cavern collapsed, and takes its name from the colour of the sheer cliffs that plummet down into the water. Luka Kolovrat, the director of Imotski’s tourist board, invited the slackliners to the lake to help draw the world’s attention to the incredible natural attraction.

Red lake (Crveno jezero), Imotski lakes, Imotski, Split, Dalmatia, Croacia.
Red lake (Crveno jezero), Imotski lakes, Imotski, Split, Dalmatia, Croacia. Image by Gonzalo Azumendi/Getty Images

Drone footage shows the thrill-seekers tentatively edging their way along three lines strung across the lake, before eventually getting into their stride – waving at the crowds of onlookers, bouncing up and down and even lying down on the middle of the line. But things didn’t always go smoothly – several times the slackliners tumble dramatically from the line, thankfully caught by their harnesses and safety leash that allows them to climb back onto the line.

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Florian Zoller, leader of the Austrian slacklining group, said: “your lake is beautiful. We have walked all over the world at challenging heights, cliffs, ravines, but this is our record. And that nature, that view, it’s magnificent.”