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Research shows traveling makes single people more attractive – now you can fake it with this dating wall

Are you more likely to swipe right on Tinder for that cliched-but-attractive Machu Picchu picture? Turns out you’re not alone; the dating scene is full of travel pictures and research shows it can be a huge draw for potential mates. If your budget doesn’t stretch to travel just for your profile picture, one airline is now helping you fake it.

The Dating Wall in Brooklyn
Where will you pretend you’ve been? Image by Wieden+Kennedy

The Dating Wall was unveiled by Delta Air Lines in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here, passersby can briefly stop to snap an exotic profile picture to jazz up their Tinder profile and choose from nine destinations, including the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and a beautiful field of Dutch tulips. Pose just right and you could have a ‘flawless’ travel photo without ever leaving New York.

A woman poses in front of the London snapshot
They’ll never know it’s not real. Image by Wieden+Kennedy

The illustrations promise that “until you take the trip, we’ll help you fake the trip” and even include illustrations with bits of advice to get the perfect shot, including a reminder to keep your shoulders back and don’t pull a ‘duckface.’

Advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy of  New York created the campaign and was inspired by research from March Group showing that travel makes single people more attractive. Sixty-two percent of men and 74% of women say they’re looking for a partner with similar travel interests.

A man poses in front of the Mexico artwork on the Dating Wall
Would you swipe right? Image by Wieden+Kennedy

Half of all single people say travelling is one of their favourite things to do and that it would be exciting to travel to a new city to meet a date. One-third of single people also said travel was their top priority in 2017.

If you’re more interested in finding the right meal than finding true love, Delta also commissioned a foodie-themed wall in Brooklyn’s famous Smorgasburg, inviting you to “go where your food is from.”

The finished product on Tinder
Success! Image by Wieden+Kennedy