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This Greek island will be the first in the Mediterranean to run solely on wind and solar power

A Greek island is poised to become the first in the Mediterranean to run on wind and solar power alone and there is hope that eco-conscious travellers will take note.

View of the port in Tilos Island in Greece.
Tilos in Greece is an eco-friendly island. Image by Kypros/Getty Images

Tilos is a small island in the Dodecanese, between Kos and Rhodes. The secluded island is away from the usual tourist crowds of Greece and the incredible natural environment is protected.

Now, it’s soon to become the first island in the Mediterranean to be powered entirely by wind and solar energy. Currently, the island receives its electricity from the island of Kos through an undersea cable.

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The “TILOS project”, which is funded by the European Commission, will install a wind turbine and solar panels around the island. There are also plans to create a battery to store any excess energy that will be produced as part of the pilot project. If the plan works, the island could be self-sufficient when it comes to power, and even sell the excess to its neighbouring islands.

The project has already received interest and acclaim, recently earning two EU Sustainable Energy Awards. If the project succeeds, it could be replicated on other islands.

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There’s also hope that the project will pique the interest of travellers who could be lured to the remote island. Tilos is known for its incredible biodiversity and is popular with birdwatchers and hikers. If you’re looking for something more mellow, it can also be a stop for those island-hopping in the Dodecanese, as there are beaches that are very secluded, to the point that free camping and nudism are popular.


The island is also known for Mikro Horio, a 15th– century village that has been abandoned. Visitors can walk through the ghost town and admire the still-standing buildings and domed church.